Secure Access. Capitalised for you.

Authentication is indispensable for access to information and resources in today's world. However, the multitude of logon systems and user directories does not make it easy to handle them securely.

With MIA® Ident, we offer you an effective, modern, and secure component that meets current IT security requirements and also performs the authentication of users or applications for MIA® or other connected applications.

MIA® Ident allows the use of different, external user directories and forms an identity hub.

The authorization remains under the sovereignty of the connected application. The connected user directory passes its information concerning the rights management through MIA® Ident and transforms it in order to make it evaluable in the application as an authorization feature.

MIA® Ident is one of INSIGMA's cloud solutions. Feel free to contact us for further information on MIA® and MIA® Ident.

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