MIA® Recruiting KPI

For headhunters and recruitment agencies

You want to move your company forward even more professionally and efficiently?

Then MIA® Recruiting KPI is the tool of your choice. As an experienced businessman or businesswoman, you know your goals. You value your employees. You rely on strategic analysis and intelligent indicators to create valuable synergies. MIA® Recruiting KPI starts here and shows you exactly which performance is statistically necessary to achieve these goals. In addition, our software makes a decisive contribution to motivation, job satisfaction, orientation and increased performance in your company. 

MIA® Recruiting KPI is aimed at managing directors of medium-sized recruitment agencies with a staff of five or more employees.

Objective evaluation of your processes

MIA® Recruiting KPI uses Key Performance Indicators (KPI) defined by you in advance. These selected indicators provide a balanced assessment of the quality and quantity of the work performed by your headhunters. They are also strategically weighted, giving you and your recruiters a meaningful performance rating. With this information, you align your goals on a daily basis and work in a performant manner. The appealing tabular and graphical presentation of the statistical values allows you to identify the necessary steps to achieve your goals at first glance.

Statistical sales forecast

Thanks to the detailed evaluation, you can create reliable sales forecasts quickly and easily. The output of the data is structured and is designed for quick visualization, for example as a bar chart. You get a clear overview to make rational and targeted decisions. MIA® Recruiting KPI thus enables you to be particularly effective, from which you and your company will benefit in the long term.

Transparent ranking by means of a point system

The evaluation system of MIA® Recruiting KPI is based on a unique and field-tested point system. Not only you, but all headhunters in your company have access to the daily updated overview. MIA® Recruiting KPI provides real-time values. All participants find themselves in comparison with each other. In this way, you create a highly motivating and performance-enhancing atmosphere. You stimulate the ambition of your employees and immediately acknowledge the successes.

A successful week with MIA® Recruiting KPI

Deserved success and appealing bonus

MIA® Recruiting KPI is transparent, not only for directors and managers, but for everyone involved. The software gives impulses for performance improvement and allows a comparison of employees via key figures. It encourages direct competition, shows milestones and bonuses. Based on the stored key figures and performance indicators, you calculate profit shares and issue them in real time. This makes it easy to implement an automatic bonus system.

Installation and interfaces

MIA® Recruiting KPI is a cloud application. You easily integrate the software into your work environment without installation. In addition, our product is able to exchange data with a variety of telephone systems and e-mail programs. Calls, addresses and appointments can be systematically and reliably recorded and evaluated. Use our product immediately and flexibly.

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