MIA. The shortcut to efficient data management.

Cloud Service with innovative interface system

ERP, CRM, CMS, PM, ACCDB and XLS: We have built a tool that centralises all these important business processes and data and makes them available on mobile devices. This tool has just three letters: MIA.

MIA is a cloud solution, available to companies on all devices. With its innovative interface system, it connects to a number of standard systems (such as ERP systems, Excel, Access, etc.). It allows for the uniquely comfortable and convenient handling of data-based business processes with maximum flexibility.

MIA is the synthesis of the most modern, technical options and 25 years of experience as an IT service provider for customers from all different industry sectors.

Matthias GrossCEO INSIGMA

MIA is a tool that takes over all the time-intensive, manual processes in a company and consolidates them efficiently. MIA is simultaneously:



When used as a cloud solution, MIA allows every user unlimited access on stationary and mobile devices. Access to important data all the time and



MIA covers a wide range of requirements that are similar in most companies such as employee administration, holiday administration, to-do lists etc. and combines  ...



With its innovative interface concept, MIA works together with the different standard systems used at the company. In addition, through the MIA framework developed  ...

The following basic data is available to you:
  • Finance (accounts, cost centres, cost objects, tax rates, etc.),
  • Merchandise management (articles, product groups, prices and price lists, units),
  • Administration (contacts, CRM and CRM characteristics, rooms, locations, contracts, languages),
  • High interface width to third-party systems
MIA can be expanded to include the following functionality:
  • Time recording
  • Billing/Resource planning
  • ERP functionality
  • PM functionality with project management
  • CMS functionality
  • Office tool box (vehicle, library, key)
  • Ticket system
  • Workflow system 

MIA also provides you with a significant increase in efficiency. Ask us more about this: 

Your contact regarding MIA:

Matthias GrossCEO INSIGMAT:   +49 221 78887-0E:   contact@insigma.de

MIA. Efficient data management for your business.

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