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Remote Workplace

We support you and your company to be able to work independently of location. To give your employees the opportunity to work on the go, for example from home. In the current situation or in…
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EPF3. Creating value for your business. INSIGMA’s EPF3 (Enterprise Portal Framework) is a true xMS system. It combines classical CMS (Content Management) functionality and complex workflow modules in…
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Quality Management

Focus on the customer Total Quality Management always focuses on the requirements of customers. Without customers, our products and services mean nothing. This is particularly the case for the…
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DMS Data Integration

DMS Data Integration. Efficient data transfers in dealer management. Over the last few years, INSIGMA has established a core competency in the field of “DMS Data Integration”, covering all aspects of…
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VMware, Inc. BBE AUTOMOTIVE BBE Automotive is a specialised automotive industry consulting firm, headquartered in Cologne. At the request of national and international companies, they mainly…
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Data Center

According to market research Company Gartner, nearly 60 percent of a company’s IT costs are allocated to the establishment and operation of an IT infrastructure. Servers, and the associated data…
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Software Development

At INSIGMA we do not offer you mere standard solutions. Our high consulting and quality standards result in every recommendation being a customised solution tailored to the needs of your company.…
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