MIA® Access

Secure Business Access. For you.

With MIA® Access we realize individual connections for your business environment. This allows you to take security requirements into account and to manage your users exclusively.

To access information and resources, today's users must be able to authenticate themselves reliably. Our solution to your needs is called MIA® Access. For secure handling of your login systems and user directories, especially for your business applications and complex SSO solutions.

MIA® Access allows you to use different user directories including external ones. These pass on role information and transform it so that it can be evaluated in the application as an authorization feature. At the same time, the authorization always remains under the sovereignty of the connected application.

With MIA® Access, we offer you an effective, modern and secure component that reliably authenticates your users or applications. Not only for MIA®, but also for other connected applications, especially in the business environment.

Advantages for you:


The user or application authentication is realized via an identity hub. So you continue to use your own user directories for your employees' authentication and do not hand over this responsibility to a third party.


One user name and password open the virtual doors to MIA® and all connected applications for your employees. Practically implemented Single Sign On (SSO).


MIA® Access authentication meets the industry standards of OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0.


MIA® Access is one of INSIGMA's cloud solutions. Feel free to contact us for further information on MIA® and MIA® Access.

Your contact regarding MIA® Access:

Dr. Günter GoetzHead of Software and ProductsT:+40 221 78887-0E:contact@.spaminsigma.de