DMS Data Integration

Efficient data transfers in dealer management

Over the last few years, INSIGMA has established a core competency in the field of “DMS Data Integration”, covering all aspects of establishing and operating data exchange processes between dealer management systems and central systems, and supporting both OEM systems and third-party applications.

DMS Data Integration by INSIGMA offers you:

Interface Verification & Certification

INSIGMA provides flexible processes to support an automotive OEM’s entire certification business:

  • Communication with DMS providers
  • Maintenance of interface specifications
  • Technical support for DMS providers during their interface development
  • Automated and manual checks of technical data transfer and content
  • Pilot and roll-out support in 20 European languages

Creating a framework that encompasses all the technical aspects of this business, INSIGMA’s unique DSP Portal brings maximum efficiency to process handling. Providing the key features of INSIGMA’s EPF3 content management system, this portal includes automated application workflows, document repositories, dashboards, forums, and even a direct connection to a ticket system that serves as a common communication platform.

Automated Testing

A key factor in determining an interface development timeline is the requirement for multiple test runs to check technical functionalities. INSIGMA has therefore developed an ITF (integrated testing framework) for automated testing of DMS data outputs. This powerful framework is capable of handling multiple output formats such as

  • TXT
  • CSV
  • XML
  • Edifact
  • etc.

The ITF not only performs automated field checks, it also analyses data content and even business rules. In combination with the analytical capabilities of the operating staff, we can also implement comprehensive testing scenarios that involve automated and manual tests of transmitted data content or business logic, in line with the complexity of the interface.

Partner Integration Programs

Nowadays, IT landscapes are characterised by the co-existence of heterogeneous applications from various providers, and therefore require a reliable interface for data exchange. Regardless of whether an OEM or a third-party provides the system for the dealer network, stable data exchange is critical to successful interaction. This is particularly true when your application has to interact with systems as varied as Dealer Management Systems. And a working interface is by no means a one-off effort. Applications and requirements are subject to change, and the interface has to be modified to reflect this. Partner programs between the application-providing parties (especially DMS providers) form a solid base for ongoing integration.

With many years of experience in performing interface certifications and verifications, INSIGMA is a reliable partner for the establishment of such processes – even when this involves working from scratch. Expert advice and services are available to assist you with all the steps involved – from interface documentation and communication strategies right through to funding and budget scenarios.

Dealer Data Extraction

Strong relationships within the European DMS provider landscape enable INSIGMA to establish data extraction scenarios to fit the requirements of a wide range of target systems, such as analysis systems or CRM platforms. With various frequent data fetching processes already in place, INSIGMA is the ideal partner for the development of DMS data analysis tools for a range of purposes:

  • Predictive marketing
  • Market share analysis
  • KPI reporting
  • Network benchmarking

Your contact for DMS Data Integration:

Stephan BeckerHead of Sales - Infrastructure & Data SolutionT:+49 221