MIA® Compliance

The software solution for your compliance management system

Are you looking for software in which you can fully map your compliance management system?

Then we have the solution for you. MIA® Compliance; so that you can manage documentation, information and monitoring of your processes in one place.

What can you use MIA® Compliance for?

You want to efficiently

  • record your business processes for data protection, quality management and information security management,
  • document the operation of your software systems,
  • manage your risks and control policies
  • and - if you are already certified - manage your certifications.

The system provides you with the basis with which you can create synergies for different requirements and standards.

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What do we actually mean by compliance and compliance management?

Here we answer Your questions on the subject of compliance.

What added value does MIA® Compliance offer you?

MIA® Compliance is our solution within the scalable MIA software that allows you to fully map your compliance management system.

You manage your processes within projects and customers. You can assign multiple projects to one customer as well as link your standard processes to as many projects and customers as necessary. Do you have the same standard processes for different customers? Then you have exactly one place to manage them.

The same applies to the management of risks, laws and standards: You create these exactly once, too, to link them to all processes that are affected by them. For example, standards include ISO with quality management (ISO 9001:2015) and information security (ISO/IEC 27001:2017). An example of a legal requirement would be data protection according to EU-DSGVO.

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Are you looking for compliance services?

Here you will find information about our offer in the areas of Information Security and Data protection.

Get your employees on board

MIA is available as a web application, so you and your employees can access it from anywhere. Thanks to MIA Access with secure log-in.

You also have the option of having your employees take tests and training on compliance, your processes, or applicable policies directly within the system. This way, you have the evidence of tests taken and passed right where you need it for the audit.

Your contact regarding MIA® Compliance:

Prof. Dr. Matthias GroßCEO INSIGMAT:+49 221 78887-0E:contact@.spaminsigma.de