Quality Management. We don’t ask “How” but rather “How much?”.

Focus on the customer

Total Quality Management always focuses on the requirements of customers. Without customers, our products and services mean nothing. This is particularly the case for the customised solutions created by INSIGMA that have been tailored to the customer’s requirement profile.

Quality at every level

Total quality also means: All employees in all areas and levels work together on the optimisation of processes and quality. Total Quality Management is therefore not a simple management tool that only works from “above”, but a concept followed by the entire organisation.

TQM is an exponential approximation

Stagnation is regression. Especially in IT. Our quality management is therefore a steadily continuing process that never ends. It comes as close as possible to the perfect result. However, it only comes close. Because a perfect result is only a perfect result until the requirements of our customers change.

Total Quality Management is holistic

TQM, as followed at INSIGMA, not only relates to products and services, offered to our customers, but also actually covers all processes that are necessary to provide our services. We can thus ensure that mistakes are picked up right at the start and optimisation processes start at exactly the right time.

Our quality management is ISO-certified

Quality management at INSIGMA meets international quality criteria. Our QM is certified based on standard EN ISO 9001:2008. This is how we can demonstrate that our business areas are customer focused. And that our processes ensure the constant improvement of our products and services.