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Is your company involved in the automotive industry? Then your marketing opportunities are literally “on the road”. The vehicle population in your region contains all data you need for marketing and sales distribution as well as for your network planning. Gain a deeper insight into this data and identify your market potential. You can obtain information about your customers’ requirements on a regional or national level.

With AutoView® we offer you the market leader of geomarketing tools in the automotive sector.

Rainer MüllerHead of Department Software Engineering

One of the key drivers for a competitive dealer network is the well-planned and optimum distribution of dealer locations. A plain geographical approach, however, is inadequate. What is the absolute potential for a dealer location in a specific area? Who are the competitors? Do I have to consider other local (geographical) factors? Use AutoView® to obtain answers to these questions. Equipped with all required data and flexible planning modules, AutoView® helps you analyse the appropriateness of existing locations or detect white spots in the network.

What AutoView® offers:

Flexible geographical analyses

  • Potential analyses for your product groups
  • Visualisation of results in tables, diagrams and maps
  • Individual selection of a regional analysis area in 32 European countries, on either NUTS-3 or postcode level
  • Integration of your individual data, e.g. article data
  • Competitor information (address information from OEM and IAM networks)
  • Regular data updates
  • Stock data with TecDoc connection and/or individual classification

Market Share Reporting

You want to go one step further? The combination of potential data from AutoView® and current service data from dealerships build a solid base for meaningful reporting on dealership performance and market shares. Dealer data extraction, mapping of relevant data streams and augmentation of dealer data with market data are a proven scenario in INSIGMA’s area of competence.

  • Dealer performance analysis in the service area
  • Benchmarking inside the network
  • Definition of individual and fair service targets
  • Ongoing tracking and action plans via INSIGMA’s Metrics.

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