MIA®. Intelligent data management from the cloud.

Our latest product, MIA®, is the result of 25 years of experience working with companies from different industries. MIA® combines the efficiency of individual software with the flexibility of a cloud solution.


Customised solutions. For an ever-changing industry.

Many years of expertise and cooperation with international customers from the automotive industry are the basis of our software solutions designed especially for the automotive industry.


Your requirements. Are our programming instructions.

We develop custom solutions, which are precisely tailored to your organisation. For the following areas:

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We support you in the introduction and establishment of data protection guidelines that comply with the legal requirements of the GDPR and are proportional for you.

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We help you to establish a professional system for information security. From consulting to the introduction of an information security management system according to ISO 27001.

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Quality, Consulting, Quality consulting: Each of our projects starts with the detailed analysis of your actual needs.

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Free up your own resources with our qualified help desk and our comprehensive customer service solutions.

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Custom solutions, software, which is tailored to your needs or the simple installation and consulting of existing software: This is where you can find our solutions.

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Hosting, Housing and Managed Services: With our own

data centres, we offer you solutions for a more efficient IT infrastructure.

Excellent consulting is what we are known for.

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